April 10, 2022

The flood is over but due to a big storm last week there is a rise coming to town which at this point is a good thing. We have another big storm expected this week so hopefully it doesn’t cause and extended flood. The water temps are staying in the mid-30s which seems it will be the big factor to when we get started yet again this year. All in all things are positive and we are getting geared up and ready for the show.  As of right now it could be possible (not likely) to get started around May 7th buying us an extra week in the prespawn.

Available dates are very tight in the first half of the season but we have many to pick from in the second half.

Braddurick@gmail.com   701-739-5808

NOTE: Mark your calendars for April 27th at Up North Pizza in East Grand Forks for Catfish League Sign Up Night






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