May 8, 2024

Well, this season has started off with a bang! It is proof that stable conditions make for great fishing. Water levels have been the same for weeks until this past weekend when it came up a little from rains which will really put the pre spawn fish into high gear.

Water levels are near perfect, water temps are in the mid-50s and the catfish are on the annual upstream migration to bulk up and get ready for the spawn which should still be a month away. The fish look clean and healthy. The forecast looks very positive with no real cool downs and no hot weather ahead.

Look for catfish in the faster water right on the break line or smaller holes near that line. One thing to consider if they are not there earlier in the day go out of the current (not to far away) until the sun gets higher and puts some heat on things and they will move into the faster current.  Give spots an honest 20-25 minutes before moving.  You will know whether to move or not when the time comes.

Bait has been easy. PUT SOME ON A HOOK! They have taken everything I have thrown at them so far which consists of both fresh and frozen suckers and goldeye.

I truly believe the best is yet to come as things warm up a little more.

2024 Rates (All other rates from other sites are void) All trips can have up to 3 people

4hr (M-TH Only) $350

8hr $550

Drayton- 7 hrs fishing $550

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