May 30, 2023

Water temperature is at 70 just when the best fishing of the year should be commencing and there is nothing but heat in the forecast. This mean they will be going to the nest early this year, a whole two weeks early. At this point it has to just stay hot and make this short.

Catfishing has been average the past week. Water has stabilized and the heat has them a little slow but there are fish to be caught for sure. They seem to be moving around some. They should be right of the fast drop and running hard but it seems they are hanging out just out of the current rather than in it. You have to sort through some small fish to get to the bigger ones. A good 20 minute time and keep on the move is the best bet this week.

Fish have been wanting a little stinkier baits. Goldeye and sucker are working but a couple days dead seems to work better. If you can catch them cut stonecat has been good too.

Water temps are above 70 degrees as mentioned so spawn is right around the corner.

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