June 21, 2024

The water is rising yet again on the Red River. This time appears to not be as bad as the previous two but it is still changing things.  The catfish have moved back from the middle break line to the shoreline or drop off that is normally the shore into the river. Generally, areas where the current is pushing away from you are better than right in the teeth of the current.  Give a spot a good 30 minutes so the fish have time to find the bait. Things should level off over the next few days again I hope.

Day dead sucker has been my bait of choice.  High muddy water has made goldeye more difficult to catch on the main river. I am hearing reports that they are easier to catch on the smaller rivers.

River access on the entire Red River is limited. There is a high probability that Grand Forks is the only ramps open at this time.

NOTE: Next Friday and Saturday is the 10th Scheels Boundary Battle Catfish Tournament in Grand Forks/East Grand Forks. There is some planning on possible venue changes so the tournament can continue regardless of the current water and mud situation.

We have many openings beginning Mid-July thru September

2024 Rates (All other rates from other sites are void) All trips can have up to 3 people

4hr (M-TH Only) $350

8hr $550

Drayton- 7 hrs fishing $550

Call or email for best dates 701-739-5808  braddurick@gmail.com

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