September 11, 2023

One can really tell the days are getting shorter now. Cool mornings and longer nights have the water temperature making it’s annual decent. So far it has been slow but it is more evident every day that the bite is starting up later in the morning than it had been.

Not much has changed as far as patterning other than the fish are holding on the softer current sides of holes a little more than they were just a week ago. Sit times are increasing again which is normal for mid-September. 20-minute base sit times are a minimum but 30-40 seems to be a nice amount of time.

Some sections of the river are now into the really low to getting dangerous category so be careful in boats if you are in these sections of river.

Bait selections remain frog and sucker. Which one they want on what day has to be figured out with each outing.

We are wrapping up the season September 25th but are booking 2024 now.



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