June 19, 2023

I hate short bites! It seems the big fish are nearing the end of the spawn but not quite and they will hit the baits but not take the whole hook. Solution, get a bigger hook and thread the bait up onto the shank to make them take it. I am seeing post spawn female fish and the occasional post spawn male so the end of the spawn is in sight. Numbers seem to be decent this week thanks to smaller fish. Fish are coming in mid-river holes with some faster water on them. Traditional spawn areas such as snags and cut banks continue to be slow.  A 20-25 minutes sit seems to be the best. Goldeye is the bait of choice. Sucker works if you can find it.

Overall river conditions are good. This Friday and Saturday is the 9th Scheels Boundary Battle Catfish Tournament in Grand Forks/East Grand Forks. 50 teams will be competing for over $8,000 in prizes and to get their name on the Scheels Catfish Cup.

We are currently booking August and September

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