August 2, 2022

The big news this week is both ramps in Drayton ARE OPEN! That means that all ramps on the Red River are open and usable.

Fishing this week has shifted to a full-on summer pattern. The fish are spread out and doing their summer catfish thing. They are sticking to holes that are near both faster and slower water. Depending on the day and weather is what side of the hole you will find them. Sit times have been a day to day thing. One day the bites will come very fast and the next it takes 20-30 minutes to get them to go.

Baits are changing sometimes a couple times of day. The past few days it has been frogs in the morning and cut sucker after lunch. Don’t forget the goldeyes either because it seems some days that is what they want too.

Another thing to consider is most spots are only producing a fish or two so don’t spend too much time on a spot, especially if you have caught two fish.

The $10,000 guarantee for first place Catfish Capital Challenge in Drayton is August 12 and 13. There are still a few spots left.

We have open guiding dates available:  August 31 and September has lots of openings but filling.   701-739-5808








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