July 26, 2022

It appears we had a second spawn or late spawn this year. It really doesn’t matter but it is noticeable this week that we have a bunch more beat up and skinny fish.

The bite continues to be good if not great all up and down the Red River. Water levels are down to what many would call perfect. It is easy to get anywhere you want. The catfish have been coming in the mid river holes and even starting to move to the outside bends in the faster water. The hardest part of catching them this week is figuring out what bait they want. Suckers, goldeyes and frogs are all working but the question is at what point in the day. One day they will only take goldeye and the next only frog and even some days they change preference during the day. The solution there is keep all of them available and try them until you get onto one bait they like.

At this point it appears we are in for great catfishing for the next month and beyond.

All accesses are open except Drayton and there is a rumor that even that may be open yet this week.

The next tournaments up are Cats Incredible in East Grand Forks July 30 and 31. Also the $10,000 guarantee for first place Catfish Capital Challenge in Drayton is August 12 and 13.

We have open guiding dates available:  August 2, 4, 22, 31 and September has lots of openings.

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