September 6, 2022

If you can believe it catfishing got better last week. The pattern has remained mostly the same from the past two weeks. Fish right in the middle of the river at the heads of holes. They are in the areas with three to six feet deeper than the flat running into them. Faster current was a key to bigger fish. Sit times must be at the very least and honest 20 minutes and don’t be afraid to stick around longer if you feel you need to. When fishing faster water you may be able to get fish quicker and get out.

All baits seem to be working. Again, this week they seem to be rotating between frogs and suckers so you will want to have both on hand. Goldeyes is working but the other two seem better.

Last week they began construction on the replacement of the Drayton Dam. That makes fishing under the dam from a boat off limits. The catch buoy seems to have changed the current some and I hear the fishing is a bit slower in that area.  In the end this dam project will be a great thing for fish movement throughout the Red River region.

Remaining Dates for 2022 are September 19th, 26th and 27th. After that it will be day by day as fall sets in.



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