September 13, 2022

My what a difference in a bite a few cool nights can make. It is that time of year, when things change like this the fish can get moody. The cold fronts that bring the water temperatures down and that can shock the fish short term. A few days ago, the pattern took a major change because of this and we have had to move off current and sit on the fish to get them to bite. Off current is finding the same holes as we were but setting up on the softer side of the current where the main current is pushing away from you. You usually have to sit on spots much longer to get the active fish to bite. 25-30 minutes is a good baseline. Once the water temperatures stabilize and we get some stability in the more season temperatures the fish can move back down to the middle and into the faster currents. So far numbers and size have not fallen off it is just a different pattern to catch them.

Baits have remained about everything. Frogs are still producing well as are suckers if you can get them. Some fish are also coming on goldeye.

Calendar Dates for the rest of 2022 are full. If the weather holds out we will take some more the week of the 26th. Please call to see the status of these possible dates.



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