Catfishing So Good You Wouldn’t Believe Me

Fishing So Good You Wouldn’t Even Believe Me

Sorry I missed last time. The fishing has been stupid good. With no winter and a drought that just does not seem to want to let its grip up I have been blessed with lots of business and some great fishing early this season.

About January with this easy winter, I was already thinking back to the last time I saw the winter that sparce and remembered how it went into the guiding season. I remember that year as 2012 which was my fourth year of guiding. I pulled out the catch record book and looked at how and where I was fishing that year. It turned out I was fishing up in Drayton early because it was accessible and the fish were holding up near the dam looking for oxygen.

As winter 2021 became spring it was clear that I was going to be spending a lot of time in Drayton. I was preparing for a good bite but nothing like I have been enduring.

Blessed with more customers than I can even take it has been a race to stay on fish and not run out of water. We had one big blast of water come through a couple weeks back that was just what the doctor ordered to suck in big fish.

So here it is, I am on fishing that has been so good you would not believe me if I told you but I will try here.

I have done this gig a long time and the statistical average is 12 fish per day with a few big ones mixed in. A great day is 20. In my mind the perfect day is 25-30 fish.  I have been averaging 60 fish per day for over three weeks straight.  Not only are these just fish numbers but they have been coming in averaging about 12 pounds each. That means we have been boating about 720 pounds of fish per day.

I told you that you would not believe me. It’s stunning to me too. Normally bites like that last a few days and something changes and the fish move on but not so far this year.

All I can do now is keep going as hard as I can until we run out of water for safe boating. I figure without rain that is about three weeks away and I’m not sure what I am going to do from there with the season but like I mentioned, I have been lucky to have more customers than time so I will just thank my lucky stars that I get to enjoy this, see the smiles and share what many have said is their best fishing experience of their lives.


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