June 9, 2019 Catfish Report

Just four days ago I said the hot days are sending us to the spawn sooner rather than later. It has caught up to us and mixed with a quick drop in the water level and a monster of a front that came through over the weekend fishing will be challenging for a few days.  Water temp is 73 so many fish are already thinking spawn as soon as the shock of fast warming water and the storm wears off.  Now we move off current and extend our sit times looking for fish that are not quite in the mood.
I do want to talk a moment about this storm. Wednesday was a high pressure day and the fishing was not as “on” as it had been until later in the day. We knew the storm was predicted and Thursday all day long he fish were on fire right in the current. They meant to be feeding. Another note is that the deer were feeding along the bank all day. Those two things combined usually mean the storm prediction is real and it was. A huge storm pushed us off the water on Saturday.

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