August 23, 2022

Not much has changed since the last report.  Water temps remain in the mid-70s and catfish are still in the middle of the river for the most part. If the weather is sort of stable, they are in the heads of the holes and in the faster water. If there is a front that comes around, they are more to the middle of the hole or even up on the flat shallow water in the off current. The also might be on the back of an inside bend.

All baits seem to be working. Again, this week they seem to be rotating between frogs and suckers so you will want to have both on hand.

One tip that I have been finding is a small inline float about six inches above a frog rig. This seems to keep the frog out of the mud more and make it easier to find.

Remaining dates for 2022 as of now are September 6, 16, 19,20,23. After that it will be day by day as fall sets in.



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