July 12, 2022

And the big fish just keep coming all up and down the Red River. It seems that everywhere from Wahpeton to the Canadian Border is throwing great catfish. On big change the past couple day is that the fish have moved to the middle of the river in the faster water. When you get to a new spot you may get a quick one then you have to give them an honest 20 minutes to get them going. Most baits are working with sucker and goldeye being pretty interchangeable.

There are lots of 10-16 pound catfish around to be caught with the occasional 20 pound plus catfish.

This weekend is the Pembina Catfish Tournament. July 30th and 31st is the Cats Incredible in East Grand Forks and August 12th and 13th is the Catfish Capital Challenge in Drayton with a $10,000 guarantee for first place.

We have open guiding dates available: July 18  August 2,3,4, 7, 8, 9, 1 24-26, 29-31 and September has lots of openings.

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