September 27, 2022

The nights have been cold over the past week and we are losing just about a degree per night in water temperature. Right now, we are just under 60 degrees meaning there really isn’t much time left for the good catfish bite of 2022. Not much has changed in pattern over the past week. The fish are hanging out in the deeper off current holes. Fish off the drop off of the inside bends where the current is pushing away from you. In the morning plan on at least a 30 minutes sit and that can be shortened some later in the day. Expect some carrying around of the bait and even for the fish to move it forward some as they are slowing down.  Lighter sinkers can help with this to see the fish move the bait.

Day old dead sucker has been a great bait with frogs a close second. Both are getting more difficult to come by Some fish are also being caught on goldeye.

I am not taking any more bookings for 2022 as we plan to shut down for the season at the end of the week. We are currently accepting 2023 dates.



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