Catmen and Long Winters: The things we do to make it through the winter

In many parts of the United States as winter sets in some of the best blue cat fishing commences. In other parts of the country where small lakes freeze over there is a faction that truly enjoys catching channel cats through the ice.

The question is what is a hardcore catfish angler who does not have a frozen pond or blue cats to chase? Many anglers simply move on to a hunting season then the frozen lakes to ice fish for other species until the rivers open back up in spring and bring on the catfish for another season.

A tried and true northern cat man goes a step further during the long winter. No matter how many winters go by the ritual is pretty much the same.

First, the idea of getting on the water feeling sets in and out come the catfishing books and videos. This provides an opportunity to be reminded of techniques and methods that may have been forgotten. The videos fit in to live vicariously though the host of the show or video while they are battling the lions of the river.

Second, the internet becomes more and more important finding other catfish anglers from around the country. They are posting reports from other parts of the country. The reports become the things dreams are made of. Chat rooms are a great way to hear the stories from the people who they happened to also helps the time go by until spring.

The third and most dangerous way to get through a long winter is when the shopping bug bites. This is the point when the serious catfish angler gets to the sporting goods store and decides they need to stock up on some hooks, lines, and new rods to get ready for the next year. Those who have some self control can get past this stage by cleaning and fixing their existing gear getting it ready for the upcoming season. Change some line, tie some snells, pour some sinkers will help the urge to go fishing stay at bay for a little while longer.

The hard core cat man has to endure a lot to get through a long winter in the North Country. A lot of reading, chat room visits, shopping and gear preparation to keep the anticipation at bay until the spring bites arrive and the madness begins.

There is one other thing a northern catfish angler can do. Move south in the winter.

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