Comparison of Big Frig tumblers to Yeti Rambler 30

Big Frig Tumbler vs. Yeti Rambler

All of us know that the tumblers on the market are great for keeping hot things hot and cold things cold. I decided to compare a Big Frig tumbler to a Yeti. To set up this test I used two room temperature tumblers. I put eight (8) ice cubes in each one and put the lids on with the drinking spout open.  Look here you can see how the next 29 hours went as the two tumblers battled on my kitchen counter.

9:00am- Put 8 ice cubes in each and covered with drink hole open

12:00pm- Starting to melt

2:00pm- Really no change




7:00am- Finally started to really see some melting

9:00am- 24 hours and still ice

12:00pm- Eight Cubes are almost gone

2:00pm- Ice gone in Big Frig tumbler

2:10pm- Ice gone in Yeti tumbler

As you can see it was a close race and yes, the Big Frig did not hold ice as long as the competition but it was only 10 minutes. Many factors may have played into the outcome such as size of ice cube or even lights in my kitchen or the fact that my cat knocked the Big Frig over letting some of the water out and exposing the ice to the warmer parts of the tumbler.  The point here is 10 minutes is worth the comparable price between the two. As of writing this review a Yeti Rambler was $24.99 compared to Big Frig which was on sale for $9.99. That is more than 70% more to have ice retention of an extra ten minutes according to my unscientific study.

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