Brad Durick Outdoors Fishing-Related Musings

High Water Channel Cats: High water is the best water

High water in rivers, one of the scariest situations many catfish anglers have to deal with.  Not just water that is higher than normal but water that is near or above flood stage.  Many catfish anglers choose to stay home and wait for a better day.  Only a few understand the magic that awaits in […]

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K.I.S.S Catfish: Keep it Simple Stupid

In this day and age we all have the insatiable desire to learn as much as we can about what we love to do, in this case catfishing.  From what is the sharpest hook to what is the best way to side image a hole full of catfish and set up on them.  All of […]

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The Off Season: Tips for the Off Season Catfish Angler

The Off Season- Tips for the Northern Catfish Angler For many of us in the North Country one season seamlessly moves to the next.  We go from early spring pike fishing to summer catfishing to hunting to ice fishing and over and over as the years go by.  There are people out there who do […]

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Record Keeping to Patterning Catfish

For years you have probably read articles for seen fishermen on TV telling you to keep detailed records of your day on the water. Like many you probably started a season with the best of intentions to keep track of every little detail of your outing and by the end of the season if any […]

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2400 Miles to Trophy Channel Cats

2400 Miles to Get Personal Best Channel Catfish By: Jake Bussolini At the age of 75 years, there isn’t much in life that I wanted to do, that I haven’t done. I retired from my real job as an Aerospace executive in 1999 and since that time I have turned my attention to research and […]

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Women Take on Catfish: Women in the Outdoors program

The morning was as humid as it has been in 2009 following over night thunderstorms and heavy rains. Introductions had been done, breakfast finished, boats launched and lines set. Within 15 minutes of the lines hitting the water the second fish of the day was making its way to the boat. Many fish have made […]

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Fast Water Catfish: Always In Season

If you have ever read a book or article about catfishing, for the most part you will almost never read about fishing the fast water with the exception of tail races. You will read about fishing holes, runs, snags, a combination there of, or if the article is about blue cats drifting. One thing that […]

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