Brad Durick Outdoors Fishing-Related Musings

The Red River is a Natural for Economic Development

I’m sure by now you know that the Red River can be a machine of impressive destruction and heartache. After all in the spring of 1997 very few people in the Red River Valley were spared from the path of destruction left by the Mighty Red River of the North. Those memories and images make […]

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Step back and review your fishing knowledge

A new year is upon us. This offers us the opportunity to look ahead at what we hope will be another fine year and to reflect on the year gone by. 2008 was an interesting year in my (angling) life. It was not only another year of traveling around North Dakota, Minnesota, and Manitoba in […]

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Anchoring in Rivers: Learn the basics of anchoring.

Fishing in rivers can have an element of difficulty other than that of a lake.  This difficulty could be viewed as a minor inconvenience, but it is easy to overcome with just a little knowledge and understanding of anchors and equipment.  Anchoring plays a very important role in river fishing.  Whether you’re planning to fish […]

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Hook Selection: Comparing hooking methods to catch catfish

Catfish are commonly thought of as “simple fish”.  Most people think just throw out a hook with some bait on it and you can catch fish.  Although this is true, there are a few ways to fine-tune your hook selection for the bite pattern to catch more fish.  The two methods are using standard hooks […]

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What Happens When the Fish Don’t Bite?

It does happen, even with the pros. As anglers we always hear the phrase “If fishing was easy it would be called catching.” I have to be honest that for the most part my variation of this quote is “I don’t go fishing, I go catching.” Well what goes up must come down I suppose. […]

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Safe Boating Options, Know Your Limits

The water was literally boiling, currents were 7-10 miles per hour, and the fish were biting. That’s when “the other” boat arrived. It seemed a bit odd for a boat to come up and anchor that close but it does happen in a river situation from time to time. Within a matter of moments it […]

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