Basics of Catching Fish – Where do you stand as an angler?

It was recently brought to my attention that there is a new rod for catfishing that is supposed to catch more fish and provide a better catch and release situation for the fish. I have not yet had an opportunity to see this fabulous new rod or even know where to buy it, but it sure has gotten me thinking about fishing rods and other equipment that is supposed to catch me more fish lately.

For the record I like fishing with good quality equipment. Gear that will make my life easier and might be a bit nicer than the stuff our grandparents fished with in their day. There is a big difference between good quality equipment and the stuff that claims just by using it the fish will just jump in the boat.

Fishing is a learning experience that should last a lifetime. If you know everything there is to know about fishing then you are a liar. On a scale of 1-10 I would place myself at about a 3 or a 4 because there is so much about fish and catching them that I still have to learn. There are also so many more species of fish that I have to catch and learn about. Some people (commercials in particular) want you to believe that if you are not using the top of the line gear you are not going to have as good of a fishing trip. I say if you can take a hook, piece of string and a stick, slap a piece of bait on it and catch fish consistently you are more of a fisherperson than the guy who just spend a years earnings on tackle box full of gear.

Catching fish successfully is more about understanding the fish, their surroundings, weather patterns and eating habits than it is what kind of rod you are holding or what kind of shoes you are wearing.

The amusing part about the previous statement is there are books, videos, and magazines to tell you everything you need to know about fish and patterns yet most people tend to stick to the one or two spots and techniques they have had some success with in the past. I have read tons of books, watched hours of video and television shows to learn about fish and how to catch them. Yet, I still find it funny that every time I go to a seminar the speaker says one or two things that I think “Oh yeah, I know that, why don’t I do it when I’m fishing?” Unlike most of the people who saw that same seminar, I took notes and will make it a fishing outing in the future. My guess is (based on past experience) is that it will be a useful tidbit of information.

In the position I’m in as a fisherman I must promote products and their uses. One thing I’ve learned over the years of product endorsement is that if you really want people to stick with the products you recommend you must believe in them yourself and not be willing to collect the money or free gear that a company may be offering in exchange for an endorsement. To be real you must genuinely believe in the product to properly sell it.

I’ve taken the time to step back and look at what will help me catch fish. I have found that sticking to the basics and learning more about the fish and where they live is the key to successfully catching them, not the lure or expensive rod like some would like us to believe. Once you learn the basics of location and bait then the products can come into play to make your fishing experience easier and more comfortable. But just remember I’ll still be more impressed with the hook on a piece of string and a stick in the end.

Until next time get outside and make some memories

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