June 1, 2021

Get ready for some catfish shock. The forecast is everything we don’t want. Nice stable comfortable weather right to nasty hot. Water temps will be rising very fast into the 70s and shocking the fish for a few days and then I suspect the spawn will be close behind.

In the meantime get out and take advantage of what we have left of the prespawn. The water levels in the Drayton area are back to low in step with the rest of the Red River. The fish feeding in the faster water for now which I expect to slow down the early part of next week after the heat. Sit times have been 15-20 minutes with fresh cut bait being the best. I have not seen a big need to change bait often, just get it in the right spot and stay on the move to be on active fish. One thing I have noticed is once you catch a couple active fish you will notice light taps and pecks. Just move to the next spot rather than waiting for the next fish.

The river is extremely low and caution should be exercised when boating (especially below dams) to ensure the safety you and your equipment.

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