August 2, 2021

After attending the Cats Incredible tournament over the weekend, I am encouraged that we still have lots of fish to catch. There were many reports of good numbers of fish and a few big fish mixed in to boot. One thing stood out from most reports was that the fishing was much better early in the morning which is something I noticed earlier in the week.

It appears you have to try lots of spots and try to find the right bait. Goldeye and day old dead sucker  (packed on ice) has been the big winner the past few days. Patterning is still there really isn’t much of a pattern with the lack of current. Many anglers are now beaching the boats in the bank to stay still in wind and prevent slack in the lines to better detect bites. One trick I am playing with is downsizing everything from rods to line to sinkers to make it harder for leery fish to detect weight when they pick up the bait.

I do have to add that since my last report in early July the river has dropped to nearly no current and fishing has gotten very tough due to the low water. We are doing the best we can for success each day and are planning to get to about August 25th. Without rain I think we will be calling it a year about there.

If you want to book a trip yet in August please get on the calendar soon. We are also booking 2022 right now.   701-739-5808






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