June 14, 2022

We finally got in the river at Grand Forks on Sunday. As far as I know the two Grand Forks ramps are the only two open on the Red River right now. Big rains Tuesday may or may not affect us. As of now there should be little change.

Due to the river levels falling more than one foot per day the fishing very slow. The fish are confused and it has to level off some to allow them to get their bearings. Add to that the water temperatures are in the low 70s which will be triggering the beginning of the spawn. It is very odd to start at the same time as the spawn and try to pinpoint a pattern.

For now, we are fishing pretty tight to the bank trying to be right on the slower current edge. We are getting lots of bites as the fish are there but confused as mentioned earlier. Longer sit times of 25-40 minutes sorting through bites for fish. If the falling trend continues things should level out by or over the weekend and get the fish in the groove and if it hits 21-23 feet (at Grand Forks) they will move more to the middle of the river for active feeding fish. Fish heading to the nest will be tight to the banks in the holes.

Get out put bait down and do the best you can. Hopefully things settle down, it stays warm to push the spawn through and we can get to some normal fishing.

June 17, 18, 23, 29, 30. July 6, 10, 18  August 2,3,4, 9, 15,18, 22-26, 29-31 and September has lots of openings.

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